Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Giving of Thanks

I deleted all of my old blogs because I have decided to start fresh. I am in a new chapter of my life and I think that it deserves a clean slate.

Today is Thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful for. My life has been forever changed by my experience with HAIR and I continue to grow as the tour goes on. I have few friends, but the friends I do have are beautiful people. I am learning to trust people more and more with my heart and soul everyday - and it is a marvelous feeling. I have the most supportive and loving family in the world. My mother is my guiding light everywhere I go. My father supports as he always has from afar but his love is just as strong as ever. My brothers are the most loving and special people in this world. My boyfriend, though far away, is the most incredible human I have ever encountered. He calls me the light of his world and I can say the same about him.

To the tribes that have embraced me, respected me, and cared for me, I thank you all. The leaders and teachers that I have encountered in the past year have helped me grow and gain the strength I need to stand up for myself in this life. 2010 has been a whirlwind, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. I would like to thank the universe for providing me with everything I could ever want or need. Magical is the only word I can think of to describe what my life is like. In the past I admit that I have been bitter and perhaps a bit bratty - I am not one to ignore my faults - but I feel as though I have grown past that point in my life. I am not perfect, I am not 100% positive, but at the end of everyday I try to reflect on what I did - the mistakes I made, the good I did, the goals I accomplished. I call out to the people that have left my life for one reason or another and ask for forgiveness as I forgive them as well. If you ever want back in, all you have to do is ask. That's a rule of life.

So overall I just want to say two simple words. Thank you.

I also want to remind my current tribe that what we are doing is not just spreading the love, it's spreading the life. And it matters. As many of you know I initially had a rough time with being on the road, I still am, but knowing what we are doing and being supported by all of you has made all the difference.

Thanks to the powers that be for providing my family with this food to eat, this love to feel, and this life to lead. Amen. AMEN.

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